Ma Glassa Ugh – English Translation

As a Khowar speaker, I have been asked a thousand times by friends from outside of Chitral to translate this viral song for them, so I decided to do a rough translation for all those interested. This is a mashup of two songs which has been made very relevant to the taste of the time by the Qashqarian band. The first part “Ma glassa ugh” is written by Abdul Hayat Shah and the second part “Har ei namazgara” is written by Muhammad Ashraf. Both of these songs are sung by many artists from Chitral but it is only the modern touch that has caught all your ears. So here we go:

مہ گلاسہ اوغ ٹیپ نو کو بویان ژان ٹیپ نو کو بویان

Why isn’t my glass getting filled with water, Why wouldn’t it fill oh beloved?

ہے باغو موژہ مایون چوڑیران ژان پھیک نو کو بویان

Why is an oriole singing in the middle of that garden, why wouldn’t it stop oh beloved? 

اسکولوتین بینیان مہ ژانو یاران ژان مہ ہردی بیران

The friends of my beloved (and her) are going to school and my heart is sinking..

دوستی مہ سوم نو ارو، تہ چوستی بیران ژان مہ ڈاقی بیران

You didn’t love me, your beauty is going away and so is going away my youth..

مہ باغو گلاب بڑوک بوتی شینی ژانے بوچھچھی شینی

The roses of my garden have budded and bloomed..

مہ ژانو الفاظ مہ سوم توری شینی ژان مہ ماری شینی

The words of my heart (beloved) have reached me and have killed me

دوست مہ نو پوشی مہ قھری اریر ژان مہ قھری اریر

My beloved (heart) made me angry by not visiting me oh beloved

سلوک لووان مہ سوم دیاو مہ زخمی ریر ژان مہ زخمی اریر

She injured me by speaking mean words to me oh beloved

ہر ای نامازگارہ خوشو انتظارو کوم

پھوک نہ پھوکی باو یاران ہے ویشکی نظارو کوم

I will wait for my beloved every evening..

I will eagerly and impatiently look her way

مہ خوش تان شارانہ مشقولگی نرگستو سوم

تہ فقیرو خور کیا چارہ تان غمان اظہارو کوم

My beloved is talking to a poet’s narcissus in her courtyard..

What else can your faqir do other than express my sorrows

مہ دوست تان غیچھاری کیاوت دوردانہ بوشیر

اوا دوردانان خریدار مشکی ہے بازاہ گوم

My beloved will rain pearls from her eyes..

I am pearls buyer and will come seeking to that bazar

دنیا جو بسو شیرین مو جوشے ژان شیرین مو جوشے

اوا تہ غم ژونی بے غم نو کوسے ژان گیتی مہ پوشے

The world is of two days, do not consider it dear to you oh beloved..

I am sorrowful in your longing, do not go around ignoring me oh beloved, come see me! 

Here I am attaching a link to the Qashqarian version of the song.

Here is a dance that we did along with the waves of the Baltic sea, by the Russian border a few days ago. We hope that peace will prevail soon and Ukraine can dance with us.

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