Tourism in Pakistan and Elsewhere

Tourism in Pakistan, and elsewhere, is unfortunately the backbone of capitalism. Capitalism is manifested in the greed shown by the tourist industry towards those who call themselves tourists. Capitalism runs on the exploitation of the misery of humans and that is what tourist spots target. People were dying in cold in Murree but the local hotels had spiked their hotel room rents to 50,000 rupees per night. This is the blindness that capitalism brings by justifying such greed as a “profit-making ”opportunity! Not to mention, the tourism industry is controlled by the elites and it is a lie that tourism brings prosperity to people. It brings suffering to the guests, local hosts and the environment.

tourism in pakistan
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Chitral and Gilgit Baltistan are known for their hospitality.

Chitral and Gilgit Baltistan are (were) known for their hospitality, but I am afraid that we have seen the trend changing and tourism is taking over…through greed and exploitation. We used to see guests as the people sent by God and offer them whatever we had at home, but now we see guests as money and only allow to host those who can feed our capitalist desires. This is how Murree has changed and this is how Hunza is changing. You will go to Hunza and the tourist to locals ratio makes it look like a museum. We need to rethink this massive tourism trend in such vulnerable places as a local proverb goes

“ One should only bite what they can chew”.

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